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PLONQ X is an electronic vape device that converts a substance from a liquid into a vapor.

PLONQ is equipped with vibration, a circular LED and a 360 mAh battery that gives you a full day of PLONQ use when paired with a smartphone.

A Type-C USB charges your device in less than an hour.

PLONQ pod capsule
PLONQ pod is a disposable liquid capsule. The liquid is batched in to the capsule and designed under highly controlled conditions.

Capsules cannot be refilled. 1 capsule is about 300 puffs, which is approximately equal to 1,5-2 packs of cigarettes.
Disposable e-cigarette converts liquids to the vape.

PLONQ is about 400 puffs. It cannot be refilled or recharged.
Liquid composition
Propylene glycol
and glycerol (50/50)
Nicotine is a stimulant that occurs naturally in tobacco leaves. We use only pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
PLONQ flavorings contain both natural and artificial ingredients that give the product a unique taste.
Propylene glycol and glycerol are chemically pure liquids used to create visible vapor. In addition to electronic cigarettes, these liquids are used in medicine, cosmetology and the food industry.
Certifications of quality
Strict quality control
Each Plonq device undergoes quality control according to international AQL standards at the strict 0.5 level, which is similar to the level of Apple products.