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Main issue
Research shows that there is 1 billion smokers in the world , 70% of them want to quit, 40% try to quit at least once a year, while only 5% succeed.

Why is the success rate so low? The answer is simple: existing smoking cessation techniques are ineffective.

Most of them are based on medicines, nicotine substitutes or willpower. Such methods rarely work, and the relapse rate is relatively high.

Still thinking about quitting in one day? Studies show this approach may not only cause physical discomfort, but serious mental health issues as well.
Behavioral therapy mobile apps
Nicotine replacement therapy
Medicines (Tabex, Champix, etc.)
Comparison of techniques

Digital therapist

The algorithm will analyze your smoking pattern and help to reduce the frequency step by step to zero, while allowing you to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms

How it works
PLONQ AI analyzes you
During the first week, smoke as usual, while the algorithm studies your pattern.
Keeps you motivated
Track your smoking with PLONQ smart indexing system.
Helps to quit
Reduce smoking frequency step by step till you quite, all while avoiding withdrawal symptoms
We will constantly update PLONQ AI in order to make quitting smoking ever more efficient

You don't need to buy new gadgets for this. We've taken care of everything.

Just update PLONQ AI through the mobile app.